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About Us

We contribute to the ecosystem by producing blockchain-based products with the philosophy of identifying the right needs and producing the right solution, on the way we set out with the vision of being the most reliable crypto asset of the ecosystem by creating quality, innovative and different products, and bringing together blockchain-based solutions with institutions and businesses.

Bitsinex Protocol not only provides solutions, but also raises the qualified personnel needed by the industry by creating blockchain awareness.
Bitsinex Protocol – LNG provides reliable blockchain solutions for individuals and institutions, powered by blockchain technology and Natural Gas data. By 2025, with the digital transformation process, we predict that many companies will switch to blockchain-based solutions instead of traditional databases in order to solve their cyber security problems and ensure transparency.

We know that auditable and secure distributed systems will be one of the most important technologies of the future, and we work with the motivation to be a pioneer for the future. Blockchain technology; It eliminates the need for mutual trust and allows data to be audited and securely recorded. In this way, businesses can devote more time to production instead of inspection.